1. Se7en

    UK Vegan boots

    Hi, I'm on the hunt for some synthetic/vegan knee high boots in black for the winter but I have freakishly skinny legs (calf at widest is only 30cm). Any boots I've found that specialise in boots for skinny legs all seem to be real leather :-( Has anyone with a similar issue had any luck...
  2. Garry Z.

    Is it me or is vegan footwear expensive?

    Hello all, This is my first post on this forum. I have been eating plant-based for about two years. I have not bought any leather shoes since then. I have been feeling pretty guilty about still wearing my leather boots and I am now transitioning into throwing them out and making sure all of the...
  3. TofuRobot

    Bhava shoes

    I stumbled upon these shoes tonight. A little on the pricey side (well, for me), but there's a lot of pretty shoes, and boots/booties especially: I actually spotted them on this site, and looked up the brand. This site looks like it has a lot of cute things...
  4. quovixi

    Vegan lightweight walking shoes

    Hey! First-time poster here I'm looking for some lightweight, preferably pull-on walking shoes, kind of like these: But these ones by Softinos are leather, so obviously a no-go. Any recommendations?
  5. H

    Vegan shoes for the winter?

    Any suggestions? I am looking for function, not fashion. I live in a very northern state. Thanks for the help!
  6. Damo

    Hiking Boots

    I go hiking often and I've never owned a pair of hiking boots before, always worn old paired flat soled trainers but! I'm becoming a bit bored of having soaked feet.. So does anyone have any recommendations? Thought about using Dr Martins but they look too cool to wreck, something around the...