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Mar 11, 2015
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I go hiking often and I've never owned a pair of hiking boots before, always worn old paired flat soled trainers but! I'm becoming a bit bored of having soaked feet.. So does anyone have any recommendations?

Thought about using Dr Martins but they look too cool to wreck, something around the £50 ish mark?

Most of the boots on Amazon are engulfed in skin, couldn't find anything practical.
Hi Damo,

I saw posts from Naturebound in the forum (cannot remember which section in specifically) about hiking boots and hemp socks.

You might have read the posts already. Any progress getting hiking boots ?

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Thanks gab! The two links below are very extensive for finding a variety of vegan friendly hiking shoes and boots.



I have Adidas Terrex Swift vegan hiking boots (though apparently the company is questionable according to one of the links above) and I really love them. I like the hard grippy soles and nice ankle support. They are a light weight boot but warm and sturdy. I have done 10-13 mile hikes at a time in them, and some distance canoeing/portaging in rocky muddy swampy conditions. The only thing I don't like is the lacing system which is a bit complicated. They might not be enough shoe for a heavier bigger person or someone really rugged and athletic. I'm not sure. I am a smaller female, moderately active.

I also have a very old pair (5 years now) of Garmont Kiowa vegan hiking boots I love and have worn extensively over the years in all kinds of conditions (even snowshoeing), but unfortunately Garmont no longer makes them. I believe Garmont makes other vegan hiking boots now, and I really like the quality of their products.

Both of my boots are not that expensive, and are on the lower/middle end of the price range. There are some vegan hiking boots that are much higher price and probably better quality if you have the means and money and really want to invest in serious athletic/hiking gear. Also, I am in the U.S. so i am not sure of the availability of the shoes on these links, but I did see some from Vegetarian Shoes which I think is a U.K. based company?
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Thanks, I'll be sure to check them out... I don't mind paying for good shoes as long as they last which I'm sure these will.

I'll drop another post if I'm struggling to source a pair.
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