Vegan business start-up ideas?


Oct 30, 2017
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Hello, my name is hamish and I am planning to start a business that provides a service/product to vegans after I finish university. I'm not sure what though! Would be very grateful for any ideas. Some questions your could ask yourself. Is the vegan product market serving all your needs? Is there any products/services for vegans that are not up to scratch i.e. room for improvement? Also been thinking some sort of vegan educational programme for kids could be cool. Please share your thoughts, I would really appreciate it Have a wonderful day
Hi Hamish,
I would not buy any food that is described as a "product". It suggests factory fodder, additives, preservatives. E numbers etc. How about selling and maybe delivering organic vegetables, fruit etc.? You could also set up a vegan cafe/restaurant/book shop/coffee shop or to start with just a market stall.
I'm no business person but personally it's been difficult finding doses higher than 400mg for vegan Omega 3 DHA/EPA supplements. I'm supposed to be taking at least 2000mg (2 grams) per day for my condition. Which means I'd have to take 5 doses just for that. Sometimes for certain brands the dose is 2 pills. And it can get costly for me and I can't afford that. Perhaps instead of pills make a liquid form or something? Idk.

You come up with a vegan cheese that melts on pizza and tastes half way decent and you'll own the world. :)
But seriously what about the sex industry - like vegan friendly condoms and lubes.
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Vegan furniture? A lot of furniture’s varnished with varnish that Contains bug stuff. You could also go the eco-friendly route, upcycled furniture, and stuff. If your products don’t contain any animal products or alcohol, I recommend also branding your business as halal.
Hello Hamish you will have a number of choices if you want to spread awareness about vegan.
But according to me you can focus on gym protein and shake As if vegan want to build up his /her muscle he or she must have a diet plan and protein which is 100 % vegan and cruelty-free.
Lots of good ideas here. I'll add a few more to the list.
bags , clothes, make up, toiletries, cleaning products, incense, candles
hello, Alleycat I agree with your suggestion but I think this type of products is already existing in the market. I think the startup should be unique on vegan niche
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