1. Pim

    Finding vegan wine

    Do you drink vegan wine, as a vegan?
  2. G

    Making a living-Vegan & Ethically-sourced products & services

    I'd like to make a living and increase accessibility to vegan & ethically-sourced products & services. What products, platforms, methods, or resources can you recommend? How might I save time and effort?
  3. L

    Survey Survey vegan Mona dessert

    You would really help us by filling in this survey. As students of the course Marketing at the Radboud University in Nijmegen, we are researching the possibility for Mona to launch a vegan dessert. Regarding this research, we would like to ask you a couple of questions. The questionnaire will...
  4. Mariaz

    Product Vegan shampoo

    I was recently introduced to Arbonne products and fell so in love with them that I became an independent consultant and to help share these with everyone else. These products are completely organic, vegan, cruelty free, gluten free and non gmo verified. I love all of their products but their...
  5. G

    Recommendations for vegan brands (not food related)

    Hello guys and girls :) I am new to veganism and i would like to find some good quality vegan/cruelty free brands (anything but food related). Could you suggest me any? When you want to shop a certain product which brand/store is your go to choice? Thank you in advance!
  6. A

    The wet brush

    Is the Wet Brush vegan/vegetarian? Like, their original detangler, not their fancy (but good) Go Green Detangler.
  7. E

    Vegan products - nutrition, beauty, baby products...

    I'm currently working with a company called Arbonne who are a vegan certified company (PETA certified in the USA). They do everything from nutrition, baby range, health/beaut etc. Products such as toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, protein shakes. I've been using the products for about 3 months...
  8. C

    Survey Questionairre! We are a vegan and organic skincare brand that features Cannabis Sativa as the active ingredient. Genuinely interested in your opinions! Please see the link above. x
  9. Daisy

    Product Help us choose a new, amazing vegan product name!

    Hello, I am from Nature Foods. Our team is working on a new healthy drink (a plant-based milk alternative made from peas) and would love to hear your thoughts on how our new product should be named. This milk alternative drink is packed with all the essential vitamins and minerals that are...
  10. Hamish

    Vegan business start-up ideas?

    Hello, my name is hamish and I am planning to start a business that provides a service/product to vegans after I finish university. I'm not sure what though! Would be very grateful for any ideas. Some questions your could ask yourself. Is the vegan product market serving all your needs? Is...
  11. K

    Product Cruelty-free, organic products

    Hello everyone! I have been a vegetarian since 2011 and I am a HUGE animal lover. I sell products for Radiantly You. My website is If you are looking for an ethical, cruelty-free company, I encourage you to check out the products. Most of the products are vegan and...
  12. R

    Help choosing name for vegan food company :-)

    Hi Everyone! I'm very new to the world of Vegan and I absolutely love it- so much so that I've decided to set up a small buisness making vegan, raw, gluten free, refined sugar free snacks. I can't decide on the name for my company - so far I've narroweed it down to: 1. The Bare Kitchen 2...
  13. Goldenberry

    Product Vegan purses and gadget case by Goldenberry :)

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you know about my shop. I hand make purses and gadget cases and since going vegan 9 months ago I am aiming to only use vegan materials from now on i.e. No leather, acrylic felt and acrylic yarn instead of wool, no shell buttons etc. I also don't like waste and...
  14. averagejoesnutrition

    Need Some Vegan opinions..Obviously..

    Hey guys! Just joined the forum and im actually really excited! This looks like a very fun forum to be apart of. Anyways, I have been working on my website and im finally launching it to the public. Im not a super great web designer but i would like some input from...
  15. TheVeganEdition

    Media Inspirational Vegans

    Hi everyone, If you are transitioning to going vegan, thinking about going vegan or even already vegan you might be interested in checking out some of our interviews with some vegans in all different walks of life. our latest interview with actor Gregg Lowe is really inspiring and interesting...
  16. HannahBanana

    Vegan household and beauty products?

    Hello! A few months ago I decided to go from vegetarian to vegan - I'm absolutely loving my new diet!! I have totally cut animal food products out with no problems, but I am struggling a bit with finding replacement products for some of my household cleaning products, and beauty products...