1. P

    The leap of faith.

    Well hello all. A very quick bit about me. I'm a paramedic over in the UK. I'm currently on a VLCD (very low calorie diet)(I'm not going to go into detail here as to why or how) and once completed am going to begin my vegan life. As a paramedic I'm very busy with shift work and don't have much...
  2. Hamish

    Vegan business start-up ideas?

    Hello, my name is hamish and I am planning to start a business that provides a service/product to vegans after I finish university. I'm not sure what though! Would be very grateful for any ideas. Some questions your could ask yourself. Is the vegan product market serving all your needs? Is...
  3. M

    Survey Well, hello there! i'd love your feedback.

    Hi, everyone! My name is Michelle and I'm really excited to contribute and learn on this forum. I recently switched to full veganism after being extremely health and animal-conscious to begin with. (It was that darn What The Health documentary that tipped the scale.) I've run a fairly...