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Jul 2, 2017
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Suman is a six-year old elephant in Jaipur, India. She was, apparently, born into the Moonlight Circus, which was shut down to their bad reputation and allegations of animal cruelty, if I’m right. However, she was then sold to a man known for abusing elephants. Unless she is rescued, he will probably use phajaan - a training practice in which elephants are beaten and kept in isolation - in order to try to break her into being a “riding” elephant. Elephant rides in India are known for their cruelty. It’s not only phajaan that’s cruel, it’s also the fact that these elephants are kept captive, possibly in chains, and forced to carry tourists up and down the hot Indian streets which, in addition to possibly being uncomfortable for the elephants, can also be painful for them, burning their feet.
Please don’t go on elephant rides in India or anywhere else. Sign and start petitions about this. Donate to Wildlife SOS (who are/were trying to rescue Suman), and other true elephant/animal sanctuaries and advocacy groups (please make sure that they are genuine sanctuaries who are against elephant rides and all other unnecessary forms of exploitation and violence towards animals). Email and message country/world leaders, authorities and tourism sites/companies asking them to ban/stop supporting/promoting activities involving/connected to unnecessary animal cruelty/killing and exploitation.
Here are some things that I have done to help Suman’s cause:
1. I started a petition on Care2 about saving her, which I will link to. Please sign and share, thanks.
2. I have been supporting Wildlife SOS on Goodsearch for a long time. I use Goodsearch around 95-99% of the time when I search on the Internet.
3. I have signed other petitions about Suman.
4. I have asked my mum to donate to Wildlife SOS. She did this using my money, if I’m right.
What else can I do to help Suman’s cause?
Thank you to the moon and back.
Have the best night ever!