1. Holley93

    Cycling fundraiser for animal sanctuary

    Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum but pleased to have found it nevertheless! Not sure if I'm posting this is correct place or not haha. So, I am raising money for Surge Sanctuary (Animal Sanctuary), by cycling from John O'Groats to Lands End, the top of the UK to the bottom. Given this is...
  2. S

    UK Why using vegan beauty products is great!

    I've recently decided to switch to vegan and now trying to transition into vegan and cruetly free beauty products! Which I'm excited about! Anyone else recently made the switch, I'd love to know, but anyways below is a article on why vegan beauty is not only great for animals but people too...
  3. StrangeOtter

    Companion animal gratefulness thread

    Since there is a thread about negatives about our fur family and friends, there also could be positives. I guess I wanted this thread, becauseI feel like an outcast at the Companion Animal Gripe Thread. So, what do you love about the companion animals around you? I could maybe start... The cat...
  4. F

    Dealing With Vermin in Front Yard

    Hi Vegan Forum, We are independent filmmakers Freddie Whitman, Taso Karnazes, and Corey Halbert and are currently working on a documentary about the battle between animals and the average American living in California. We would love to get a vegan's perspective on this common issue. If your...
  5. C

    Hello, from a new Vegan Author

    I just published my first children's book and know you and your kids will love it like my son and his friends. It has lots of great rhymes about living plant based! I'd love your feedback, thanks guys -Casey
  6. R


    Hello 👋, Please sign and share this petition to help get Suman the elephant 🐘 and her parents rescued and reunited together with her sister Peanut.“riding”-elephants-of-india-🇮🇳-and-elsewhere/ Thank you...
  7. StrangeOtter

    Human-animal communication

    Years ago, I became friends with this dog, that I took care of for about three years, while his real guardian was sick. We were connected more deeply than I had ever been connected with any human. We had beautiful relationship of respect, care and compassion. Aften we had to go separate ways, I...
  8. R


    Hi, Suman is a six-year old elephant in Jaipur, India. She was, apparently, born into the Moonlight Circus, which was shut down to their bad reputation and allegations of animal cruelty, if I’m right. However, she was then sold to a man known for abusing elephants. Unless she is rescued, he will...
  9. Faisal

    Product Vegan activist clothing | no longer nameless

    Hi everyone! I'm creating vegan clothes with a message, made in the UK and held to the highest ethical, cruelty-free and vegan standards. I aim to make clothes that look good, feel good and DO good. I'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions :) No Longer Nameless Website No Longer Nameless...
  10. R

    Please sign and share my petition about cat and dog meat

    Hi, Please sign and share my petition. There is no graphic imagery directly attached to this petition, but there may be graphic information and/or links/images relating to animal cruelty, human rights abuses (including rape, sexual assault/harassment and women's rights issues) and/or...
  11. Susanne A.

    Hi to all fellow vegans! :)

    I've just recently signed up to this forum and I'm lovin it so far, but it is rude not to introduce so here I am. I'm relatively new to vegan lifestyle but I can see only the benefits so far and I'm so glad I finally opened my eyes. On a brighter note, I was a vegetarian for 5 years before...
  12. M

    Hi! i'm excited to start exploring this forum!!

    First I'll start by saying today is my first birthday as a full vegan! (I turn 18 today). I became vegetarian about two years ago because I couldn't believe what animals are put through just so people can eat them. Then around January of 2018 my sister and I found out that not all cheese is...
  13. R

    Does anyone here know of any vegan/animal-related jobs that are available in exeter, devon?

    Hi, I am a 22 year old female who is on the Autistic Spectrum. I currently have support in Exeter. I am unemployed, but I would like to be in a voluntary/paid job position. I would like to work either with animals, in an animal-related charity shop or in a vegan-related job. I would need to have...
  14. BethanyWard

    Teaching (calming) my fiancé

    My fiancé has recently become vegan and is really invested in animal rights...overly invested. I tried talking with him about the recent news over separating families on the Mexican/American border. He instantly brought up the fact that this is already happening to animals all around the world...
  15. Those Crazy Vegans

    Media Prisons (zoos) are no place for innocent animals.

    Watch on YouTube Zoos by Those Crazy Vegans posted Jun 16, 2018 at 11:16 AM
  16. BeautifulAnimal

    Product Cute vegan tee from beautiful animal

    Hey everyone, I would like to share my designs with you my facebook page is Beautiful Animal Designs and here is my latest tee on Amazon USA . (See photos) If you enjoy my designs please share them with your friends, feedback is always welcome. thank you Beautiful Animal
  17. B

    Product Activist

    Hi, I'm an artist and new vegan activist. I'm selling these shirts that I created using my personal artwork to spread the vegan message, and to raise money to support my activism. I'm planning on traveling around and having conversations with people on college campuses, as well as other places...
  18. R

    Please sign this petition

    Hello, I have a petition I desperately need signatures on. I am planning on doing more than just this petition when it comes to all I can legally to save these birds. But the first step is getting 1,000 signatures to start. The story of what is going on is in the petition description. I am the...
  19. The Master Of Design

    Animals eat animals

    "So what, animals eat other animals, it's natural" This is the most common answer I hear from the people who are eating meat... First of all, I don't think we are animals and second I don't think that animals would eat another animal if this was a better world and people were feeding them with...
  20. R

    What are some names of vegan charities for the poor (uk)?

    Hi I am very nearly vegan. I also like to help the hungry, by donating to food banks (I try to donate vegan food) and playing the online game Freerice (as far as I am aware, they only donate rice). I would like to donate to a charity that helps the poor and/or homeless people, but I don’t want...