Hi to all fellow vegans! :)

Susanne A.

Aug 7, 2018
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  1. Vegan newbie
I've just recently signed up to this forum and I'm lovin it so far, but it is rude not to introduce so here I am.
I'm relatively new to vegan lifestyle but I can see only the benefits so far and I'm so glad I finally opened my eyes. On a brighter note, I was a vegetarian for 5 years before transitioning to vegan.
I'm also a huge animals rights advocate so I'm all for cruelty-free life. One of the reasons is my beloved pug, Roxy who I adore above anything else and who showed me that animals are truly amazing.
1. I love TV shows (I literally watched 80% of everything that Netflix and HBO has to offer :D)
2. I have the biggest problem with waking up in the morning (I'm a night owl)
3. My fav vegan treat are smoothie bowls, I could eat them for the whole day
4. I love jogging and running in the morning
5. I volunteer whenever I can
6. I love fashion and I recently switch to conscious fashion choices. :)
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welcome Susanne

You're correct, there are many benefits and it is good that one person at a time the world is waking up to them.

You have a great list!

Emma JC
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Wow! Thanks you for such a warm welcome. I already love being a part of this community :heart: