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Emma JC

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Jun 15, 2017
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I decided to start a new thread for everyone to contribute their favourite Animal Youtube Channels that could use our support.

By support I don't mean sending them money (although that is a good thing to do too) I mean watching their videos and especially watching the commercials that they play at the beginning, part way through and even the ones at the end. It seems like a small thing to do but if everyone lets the commercials play those few pennies can add up for them.

We have two that we currently watch - one puts out new videos every day - Ocean Conservation Namibia and most are just 3-4 minutes long - they rescue seals from ocean plastic.

The other one we started watching recently is Wildlife Aid in England. They put out one video per week so we have been watching the backlog along with the recent ones. They rescue foxes, swans, badgers, all birds, deer etc.
They also have a big need as the founder Simon Cowell has incurable lung disease and the facilities are currently hosted by him, so they are going to need a new location/facilities.

Do you have any similar Youtube Channels that you watch? please post them if you do.

Emma JC
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