animal rescue

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    Does Anyone in the USA on here want a pitbull? If you can’t take any of these dogs, or you don’t want to, PLEASE at least share these posts far and wide, with as many potential adopters as...
  2. Emma JC

    Animal Advocacy YT Channels-Rescue, Sanctuaries

    I decided to start a new thread for everyone to contribute their favourite Animal Youtube Channels that could use our support. By support I don't mean sending them money (although that is a good thing to do too) I mean watching their videos and especially watching the commercials that they...
  3. R

    Retreat Animal Rescue Farm Sanctuary

    Hello, I have asked the Retreat Animal Rescue Farm Sanctuary to rescue the pigs from the farms in these videos. They already look after over 1,000 animals at any given time. Please donate to my GoFundMe to help the Retreat Animal Rescue Farm Sanctuary rescue and care for animals, and educate...
  4. Amy SF

    US Wildlife Waystation in Sylmar, California closing