1. R

    Writing about suman

    Hi, I have been trying to help get Suman the elephant that I wrote about in my other post rescued. It may be a good idea for me to write to a body/authority/group/individual asking them to do everything that they can (within reason) to help get Suman rescued. I have looked into the Indian...
  2. R


    Hi, Suman is a six-year old elephant in Jaipur, India. She was, apparently, born into the Moonlight Circus, which was shut down to their bad reputation and allegations of animal cruelty, if I’m right. However, she was then sold to a man known for abusing elephants. Unless she is rescued, he will...
  3. Damo

    Poached elephants in botswana

    With all the poaching, over fishing and environmental disasters we cause does anyone else think that one day the only animals on earth are going to be livestock and the domesticated? Wildlife will just cease to exist because of us, I know it's not uncommon for animals to be poached but whenever...