1. R

    Retreat Animal Rescue Farm Sanctuary

    Hello, I have asked the Retreat Animal Rescue Farm Sanctuary to rescue the pigs from the farms in these videos. They already look after over 1,000 animals at any given time. Please donate to my GoFundMe to help the Retreat Animal Rescue Farm Sanctuary rescue and care for animals, and educate...
  2. Skov

    Saving pigs from cull in UK

    Warning: I discuss the proposed Pig cull in the UK. ☹️ I can't stop thinking about all the pigs that are likely going to be culled in the UK... While I know killing for meat is senseless - the idea of mass murders of pigs that will just be sent to landfill seems just abhorrent... Surely even...
  3. R

    Is it true that being vegan actually saves animals?

    Hi ?, Does being vegan actually save animals or does it just not support the slaughtering? Do the animals still get slaughtered anyway? Thanks.
  4. R


    Hi, Suman is a six-year old elephant in Jaipur, India. She was, apparently, born into the Moonlight Circus, which was shut down to their bad reputation and allegations of animal cruelty, if I’m right. However, she was then sold to a man known for abusing elephants. Unless she is rescued, he will...
  5. R

    Please sign and share my petition about cat and dog meat

    Hi, Please sign and share my petition. There is no graphic imagery directly attached to this petition, but there may be graphic information and/or links/images relating to animal cruelty, human rights abuses (including rape, sexual assault/harassment and women's rights issues) and/or...
  6. R

    Samsung: speak out against the korean dog meat industry

    Hi , Please sign and share my petition. Warning: Descriptions/references to animal cruelty. Thank you. Have a great day (and night)!