Saving pigs from cull in UK


Oct 2, 2021
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Warning: I discuss the proposed Pig cull in the UK. ☹️

I can't stop thinking about all the pigs that are likely going to be culled in the UK... While I know killing for meat is senseless - the idea of mass murders of pigs that will just be sent to landfill seems just abhorrent...
Surely even farmers can see this is absurd?!
It doesn't make any difference to them vs. letting them live their days out...
Instead they plan to fill up landfills with beautiful beings - so their places can be backfilled with more piglets put into servitude. My mind just can't handle this... Of course I'm not naive enough to understand money is the core driver...

I'm also worried they (the farmers) aren't doing anything in the way of reducing the number of babies they are bringing into this way of life... Pigs only live for 6-7months on a pig farm before being murdered! How are they so blind they didn't see this issue coming up before we got into this sorry state?! And are we going to be back here in 3-5 months time again?!

My questions are:
- does anyone know if any rescues are providing space - I'd love to financially provide what support I can? Or can anyone recommend any way we can support or help - at least a few from this truly absurd display of human nature.
- does any one know if pig farmers are responding to the potential cull and limited staffing... because it keeps breaking my heart to think about it.

Comment / thoughts welcomed.