Skin and hair care oil needed


Aug 7, 2018
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Hey, guys:) I am looking for some really good oil for hair and skin, something 100% natural, I know that some companies just claim that they have 100% organic and natural ones. I hate them:confused::mad::mad::mad: please help me find something really worth buying;)
Have you tried jojoba oil? You can find organic varieties available on Amazon or in your local health grocer.
Have you tried jojoba oil? You can find organic varieties available on Amazon or in your local health grocer.

Actually, there is a plenty of them, but I do not which one to try, can anyone recommend me anything?
Hi, @AliceDerm i agree with you. There are too many brands who claims to produce 100% organic. in the past i had dry and dizzy hair and i couldn't figure it out why i have dry hair because my skin oily on same time. but after using jojoba oil i found my hair is not dry anymore and i got dandruff free and smooth hair in a while. at the same time i used jojoba oil for skin it's control my oily skin and made my skin soft and glowing. and i'll recommend you a jojoba oil from virginic with all natural ingredients and pure organic have a nice day
Heyyyyy! Honestly as someone with curly hair you have no freaking idea how badly I struggle to find products to use that doesn't make me look like an electrocuted rat in the next 30 min or so after I leave my place... I've been using one by Virginic for about a year now: they have other oils too but I always find my self buying argan oil in products mainly because it's healthier for my hair and makes my curles kind of more balanced and not all over the place. I also use it after I straighten my hair to give it a shine and mask out the burnt hair smell that's left after..
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Hi there. I've tested new organic butter recently. I wasn't sure what to buy 'cause I've never tried vegan butter or oils before. After all, I've chosen an avocado butter: it fits both for skin and hair. I've even didn't expect but the results are fantastic. My skin looks much better :)
I use shea butter (mixed with jojoba, sage, canola, lavender, rosemary, and peppermint oil) on my skin, and "seal" it with organic, Extra Virgin Olive Oil or even Canola Oil if i run out of the first one.

I used to have pimples all over my body, when i used a lot of Avon Skin So Soft (the Soft and Sensual Line). Especially on my triceps, shoulders and rear end. I used to have to buy a special Butt Acne Product that was not cheap $50.00 a bottle) to calm them down.

I learned over time, that the acne was caused by these commercial products that "claim" to be "noncomedogenic".. Which means, it doesn't clog pores. Of course they clog the pores. If they didn't i wouldn't have all those pimples on my chest, shoulders, arms and especially my rear-end.

Sure enough, i discontinued Avon's Products, and used a more natural alternative. If you can mix it in your food and eat it, (even canola oil), then you can wear on your hair and skin.

Use a natural moisturizer first. (make your own shea butter concoction with specific carrier oils), and "seal" the moisture in with an oil. "sealing in the moisture just means layer the oil on after you've moisturized.

If you don't want to use Shea butter, just put the oil on (2 Tbsp+) right after you've gotten out of the shower while your pores are still holding in the water, and layer it over your skin. The oil will seal in the moisturizing benefits of the water itself.. (that's little sportsmodel/bodybuilder's secret):)

I have to use heavy oils because i live out here in the High Desert, and the lack of humidity is no joke.
I don't use any oil on my hair (too thing and fine and oily as it is), but I the only thing I use on my face and body is coconut oil. Probably for the past 2+ years. I usually dry brush before I shower, apply the coconut oil, and use it to wash my face - all before I shower. The oil that remains on my skin in the shower is perfect for shaving, so I don't need anything special for that, either. I get the big tubs of organic coconut oil from Costco.