1. silva

    Vegan Mayo

    This was offered up AndyT--- Ingredients: 250 ml soymilk 200 ml vegetable oil (original suggestion: soy oil, I normally use sunflower) 1 tablespoon of lemon juice or vinegar (I typically use vinegar) 1 teaspoon of sea salt 1 teaspoon of pear syrup (honestly, I think you can leave that one out)...
  2. S

    Supplements - omega 3 and children

    Hi All, New vegan :) Have been doing lots of research!! I had already invested in a multivitamin for the winter which luckily are veggie at least and have B12 and iodine. the only other supplement i am considering is Omega 3 which i under stand i need 250mg DHA/EPA. Rather than another...
  3. AliceDerm

    Skin and hair care oil needed

    Hey, guys:) I am looking for some really good oil for hair and skin, something 100% natural, I know that some companies just claim that they have 100% organic and natural ones. I hate them:confused::mad::mad::mad: please help me find something really worth buying;)
  4. M

    Product Vegan skin/body care

    Just opened! :) Come take a look and please let me know what you think! We have vegan soaps, coffee scrub,s creams, oils , deodorant, lip balm and more to come! https://www.rupertandbrandy.com/
  5. R

    Are fried chips vegan?

    I'm referring to the same kind of salty, crunchy, steamy chips that are typically sold at chicken or fish takeaway shops. I realise they are made from potatoes which are vegan, what I am concerned about is if the oil used to fry them has anything non-vegan. If your answer is "it depends on the...
  6. poohwinner

    How to prepare meals without oils?

    I have heard many bad things about oils (not only health but also bad for nature and animals). So I want to use them as less as possible. How can I do that? How do you prepare foods? Tips are welcome! http://www.ebay.com/bhp/monkey-painting
  7. A

    Product Culinary Oils

    Good day to all of you!!! At the very beginning of one recent article in World Wide Web I’ve found the following words: “Some noise has been made recently about the results of a survey conducted in the UK to determine how many residents of the country identify as vegans. According to the much...