1. T

    How do you define vegan skincare/cosmetics

    Hi dear vegans, I would like to know how you define vegan cosmetics. I am doing research for my site on the actual definition of vegan skincare/cosmetics. What is shocking is that different stakeholders define the term "vegan" differently when it comes to cosmetics. Some stakeholders claim...
  2. T

    Product Vegan Skincare

    Hey dear vegans :) I spend over a year creating this vegan skincare guide.. Now, I would like to ask your feedback! What are your favorite vegan skincare brands? How about products? I aimed to cover each product category: vegan moisturizers, creams, oils etc.. for different skin types: oily...
  3. C

    Thin and flabby skin

    Hey there. I'm 42 female, used to be lactovegetarian since age 15, and now it's been 2+ years i turned 100% vegan and 1 year i turned raw vegan. All in all my experience is great, i feel healthy and there's no coming back for me. I take D3, b12 (occasionally) and vegan omega 3. BUT! My skin...
  4. Mariaz

    Product Vegan shampoo

    I was recently introduced to Arbonne products and fell so in love with them that I became an independent consultant and to help share these with everyone else. These products are completely organic, vegan, cruelty free, gluten free and non gmo verified. I love all of their products but their...
  5. AliceDerm

    Skin and hair care oil needed

    Hey, guys:) I am looking for some really good oil for hair and skin, something 100% natural, I know that some companies just claim that they have 100% organic and natural ones. I hate them:confused::mad::mad::mad: please help me find something really worth buying;)
  6. M

    Product Vegan skin/body care

    Just opened! :) Come take a look and please let me know what you think! We have vegan soaps, coffee scrub,s creams, oils , deodorant, lip balm and more to come!
  7. C

    Survey Questionairre! We are a vegan and organic skincare brand that features Cannabis Sativa as the active ingredient. Genuinely interested in your opinions! Please see the link above. x
  8. A

    Survey Skincare research

    Hi Everyone, I am hoping to start a vegan skincare brand in the next 6 months and thought this would be a fantastic place to do some research. It's linked below via Survey Monkey and doesn't require any personal details or anything like that and it should take around 3 minutes. Thank you for...
  9. T

    Hair loss

    Hello! I've been vegan for a year and a few months. I was vegetarian a year before going vegan. I'm having reoccurring hair loss ever since changing my diet. I'm 18, so it can't be due to age. Random patches of thinning hair and breakage. This has happened twice as an omnivore, but it's due to...
  10. K

    Product Cruelty-free, organic products

    Hello everyone! I have been a vegetarian since 2011 and I am a HUGE animal lover. I sell products for Radiantly You. My website is If you are looking for an ethical, cruelty-free company, I encourage you to check out the products. Most of the products are vegan and...
  11. HannahBanana

    Vegan household and beauty products?

    Hello! A few months ago I decided to go from vegetarian to vegan - I'm absolutely loving my new diet!! I have totally cut animal food products out with no problems, but I am struggling a bit with finding replacement products for some of my household cleaning products, and beauty products...