Thin and flabby skin


Mar 26, 2017
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Hey there.

I'm 42 female, used to be lactovegetarian since age 15, and now it's been 2+ years i turned 100% vegan and 1 year i turned raw vegan.

All in all my experience is great, i feel healthy and there's no coming back for me. I take D3, b12 (occasionally) and vegan omega 3.

BUT! My skin got super thin and wrinkly all over my body. I didn't lose any weight, i work out and have toned muscles. I drink lots of clean water, eat raw oils, sleep well etc. I always used to have a thick skin with high turgor, like a dolphin, but now it's like a dry leaf. It feels tight and itchy after shower, so i oil it with raw oils. They help ease the itching but the skin doesn't get any better.

My husband is a vegan too, much longer than i am, and he's got no such issue with his skin. We have the same type of skin and his is perfect.

Did anyone had a problem like this? Could you share your experience, please?
Hello and Welcome! Maybe it's just the process of ageing and not your diet which is causing you to have problem with your skin. Have you seen a doctor about it?
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It does sound like aging. You should bring it up next time you see a doctor.
I would make an appointment to see your doctor, you are obviously concerned about it and for peace of mind a checking over will do no harm and potentially catch an ailment sooner rather than later. It might or might not be diet related but stressing about it wont help.
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