raw vegan advice?


Nov 2, 2015
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Hey all , ive just found your fab forum and would just like a little advice ….

….. im yerning to be more raw vegan - but the problem i have is fruit produce ? i live in leicestershire and the fruit i buy in supermarkets is picked to early …. just not good quality.
So any tips where to look ? what to do ? help ?
Im moving to Australia in May … so hope i should have it easier to find good quality fruit.

But yep any advice or anyone near my area that can help ….. please do ;o)
Hi @Paulo. Sorry for such a late reply - I am just going over a few (previously buried) threads.

Here at the vegan forum, where raw foodism comes in, we generally don't advocate a 100% raw food diet. Of course, this is totally up to the individual. Raw food is really healthy, but the body does need hot food and liquids from time to time - especially during the winter. So I would really, really recommend including just a bit of cooked food. Raw Til 4 is a great movement you can find online. There's also an excellent online community at www.30bananasaday.com - here, however, we're not as knowledgeable about a majoritive raw food diet.

There are a few threads on our forum about meeting RL vegans you might want to check out?
This link is also worth consulting: http://veganhealth.org/articles/cooking

All the best :)