Race Car Champ - Urges Fans to Go Vegan

Jinendra Singh

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May 22, 2018
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Vegan race car champion Lewis Hamilton, the 2017 Formula One World Champion, recently urged his 7 million social media fans to go vegan. After securing his most recent win at the German Grand Prix, Hamilton shared an Instagram story with a moving animal-rights message. “619 million humans have been killed through wars in our entire recorded history. Humans kill the same number of animals every five days,” Hamilton wrote beneath an image of a cow. “Guys, I’m on a plant-based diet and have been for a year now. Please find it in your heart to not support this horrific cruelty and go plant-based.” Hamilton transitioned to a plant-based diet last year after watching vegan documentary What the Health, and credits his new lifestyle for helping him win multiple races on his quest to defend his Formula One World Champion title in 2018.

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