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Mar 20, 2017
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I am Hani ZEID from LifeLovingFoods and VGKebab. We have just finished many months of work to launch our first product and I would like to spread the word and make as many people as possible discover our product because we think it is worthwhile. Our product is a concept and a mission as well as a venture and it would be very kind of you to have a look and perhaps share honest comments with us to help us further improve and develop our start-up activity.

We, at, choose to produce vegan versions of high cruelty foods for the purpose of maximizing the relief we can provide. Our intent is to also provide delicious alternatives to vegans of favorite food items but also to convert over meat eaters to a delicious, cruelty-free, version of their favorite high cruelty food. As such our VGkebabs made from wheat flakes are delicious to vegans as well as meat eaters alike. We have also innovated with the packaging to provide high quality at a very low environmental impact. Our direct distribution network makes our products available immediately and regularly to the largest population possible. We strive to be life loving and nature loving in the choices we make at each and every step, no matter how small, of our development and progress.

We are operating a marketing campaign for our company and products on social media and other supports. By creating overall awareness we seek to bring attention to a pleasant, cruelty-free, lifestyle as well as to encourage sales. A fair share of our profits will be invested towards this dual purpose since together they form a positive continuity. If you wish to join us in spreading the word then please share our links with your network of friends and associates. Any sincere life loving effort, even if small, goes a long way towards impacting the world and the overall result of our marketing campaigns will benefit us, our partners and the Life Loving community.

For our launch we are offering a 50% discount coupon on any order by using the GoVegan code at checkout. You can order directly from our website and we ship to customers worldwide.

Life Loving Thanks to all,

Hani ZEID &

10 Rue de Penthièvre
75008 Paris - FRANCE