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Jul 2, 2017
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First, I will tell you all a bit about myself. I am from Devon, England. I am a young adult female.
I am an animal rights advocate. I follow my own form of Buddhism. I click regularly on the click-to-donate pages of Care2.
I am almost vegan. I am not fully vegan. I do still eat one thing that is not vegan (Cheesestrings), please respect this.
Aside from being into veganism, animal rights, compassion and Buddhism, I am also interested in vampires. I believe in them, and they are very, very important to me, please respect this. However, I also suffer from anxiety and have Asperger's. Recently, my anxiety has been about getting attacked by a vampire and, despite my passion for vampires, I have been unable to watch, read or do vampire things because of this. Please don't just say "vampires are not real". I believe in them very strongly and really, really care about them and want to love and be into them, despite my anxiety. I hope to overcome my anxiety soon.
I have three cats, Jet, Woggle and Stripes. Jet is a black, short-haired female. Woggle is a tabby and white Maine Coon type. Stripes is a Bengal type. All of them are rescues. Stripes was adopted by us after he came and into our garden one winter. My mum tried to trace him to his people/person, but failed and we ended up keeping him. All three of them are well-loved.
I used to attend a college in Somerset, but recently had an emotional break-up. I have left the college now and may be going to live in supported living in Exeter.
Back to my compassion and animal rights, I have sponsored four dogs from Dogs Trust, including my current one (Charlie). I have signed possibly thousands of petitions. I have persuaded my mum to donate to Rochdale Dog Rescue. I am always putting money in charity pots, some my own and some which I ask my mum for (!) I also have been to Animal Aid's Cruelty-Free Christmas Fayre several times. I go every year when I can. I also regularly put food in food banks.