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Mar 11, 2015
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I've noticed a lot of sign ups lately are bloggers or YouTubers or some other form of media creator, I completely understand that they want to get their content out there to relevant audience, that's why we have an ads forum specifically for advertising. I'm starting to see threads all over the place that are spamming links or videos, which I believe ruins the experience for others. The forum was created to provide useful information for the curious and to help people connect, not to be a directory of links or videos.

So, I'm in need of your help to report these posters in order to keep the forum clean for it's intended purpose. At the bottom of a post you'll see a report link, use it to alert myself or another staff member.

Let's keep the forums clean!

Thank you.
One of the things I have seen on other forums, not vegan related, is where the first so many posts are checked by the staff first. or on another site, they don't let you post links within the first some many days of signing up and you also have to have actually been a participant in the site rather than just make the account and go away for a week before posting up links. They don't seem to have these problems as a result.

Are you able to do anything similar in all areas except where you want them to post?
Great idea! Definitely something I'll have to look into.

Thanks :)
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