1. Damo

    Helping to keep the forum clean

    I've noticed a lot of sign ups lately are bloggers or YouTubers or some other form of media creator, I completely understand that they want to get their content out there to relevant audience, that's why we have an ads forum specifically for advertising. I'm starting to see threads all over the...
  2. Damo

    Please read before posting

    Hello forum poster :) This is our latest section addition to It can be used for cooking tips, recipes and requests for recipes, as well as recipe book discussions. The main rule for this section is that all recipes etc. must be vegan. Non-vegan recipes or requests for...
  3. W

    Support etiquette

    This is just a quick note to inform members that this site is readable to the public and also to users aged 12+. In light of this we ask our members to refrain from swearing in their posts, no matter how passionate one might feel. We are happy to allow censored words with asterisks. Frequent...