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Mar 11, 2015
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Hello forum poster :)

This is our latest section addition to It can be used for cooking tips, recipes and requests for recipes, as well as recipe book discussions.

The main rule for this section is that all recipes etc. must be vegan. Non-vegan recipes or requests for non-vegan recipes etc. will be deleted.

Embedded media such as photos and videos are encouraged. However please make sure that any videos reposted here do not contain strong language - we don't appreciate that here. Please make use of our Media section - especially for large images. This will also help users and guests to find your content easily.

This section is not appropriate for advertising. Even if you wish to advertise a recipe blog, cooking channel etc., in order to avoid spamming the section with the same sources we ask you to use our Ads section and follow the rules there.

Please take care when naming the title of your new thread - make it as clear as you can for users to navigate to what they are looking for. General titles such as 'Recipe Suggestions?' or 'Help Me' are not advised for their lack of specificity.

Let's get cooking everyone!

Edit: Self promoting your own blog/YouTube channel in this section is against our terms, as is self promoting in any other forum unless using the dedicated "ads" section. Your content will be removed if you ignore these terms.
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