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Mar 20, 2016
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I just signed up, seems like a cool place to share idea's and stories! I started of vegetarian last year (i tried vegan first) but i hadn't actually looked into veganism lifestyle and just winged it without knowing anything... Anyway it's been awhile now and i was starting to physically want to throw up from having milk and eggs etc so after doing my research i'm ready! I hope i learn some new stuff from being here.
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Yah all is right. Welcome Elisha in this forum. I also new and want to learn.
Welcome, Elisha. I've just seen your brownie post. Yum, thanks. :)
I find that foodwise I tend to revisit old recipes. I'm currently dehydrating flaxseed crackers, as well as pears and bananas. Do you have a dehydrator? Mine is a cheapie but has been in use regularly for the past 2-3 years, the poor thing. I adore home dried pears and pineapple - food from heaven. I am trying to shift away from my usual crackers (Finn crisps - still good but I'd rather have them as back up) towards something more homemade... hence the current experiments. For my vegan needs I find the items I use in the kitchen most are my Vitamix (fab investment), dehydrator and a simple Y peeler that peels in threads not single pieces (there has to be a proper name for it - brain fog moment). These items help me stay true to a vegan lifestyle. My next endeavour is to fully give up leather as old wardrobe items wear out. I am a cotton and polar-tec person otherwise.
This lifestyle can be adopted gradually, I feel. It sounds as if you've taken it on this way too ... shifting from being vegetarian to vegan. I'm so glad you've joined us. :)