Gift for my vegan cousin's newborn baby


Apr 8, 2016
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Hi! My cousin is having a baby in 2 months, and id like to make a gift for her baby. So she and her boyfriend are vegan, but i'd like to give some cute babysocks made out of wool. But since they're vegan, i really do not know is this a good idea or not since i don't know what they think about it. So i'd like to know, if you're vegan and having a baby, what would you like to be given for your baby as a gift.

I think giving some woolly socks may be a bad idea plus there's a lot better materials out there, search for "bamboo socks"? They're surprisingly soft :)

Like these for example.

I'm terrible at gifts I wouldn't know what else you could give... At least you have bamboo socks as an option now. o_O
Thanks for suggesting it! Cant really order from amazon, but im defenetly trying to find these from my country, i bet they have some here. Really big thanks for this, im thinking about havin these for her.
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No problem :)

Someone gifted me a few pairs of bamboo socks awhile ago they're so soft!