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    Lied to about a non-vegan gift

    I received a leather journal from my sister for my birthday. She told me it was mushroom leather hand crafted in India, but I had overheard a phone call in the car in which she was unsure and my dad jokingly said to tell me it's vegan. A week later she visits and gives me the journal and I was...
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    Hey everyone :)

    Hi All, I am not actually a vegan myself however I am looking to buy a present for a family member that is, she has done a lot for me and I know she likes her candles so I started googling vegan candles. There are quite a few about but none with any reviews and just wondered if anyone has any...
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    Gift for my vegan cousin's newborn baby

    Hi! My cousin is having a baby in 2 months, and id like to make a gift for her baby. So she and her boyfriend are vegan, but i'd like to give some cute babysocks made out of wool. But since they're vegan, i really do not know is this a good idea or not since i don't know what they think about...