Favourite vegan cosmetics?


Apr 20, 2018
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London, UK
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Hi everyone!

I'm new here and also relatively new to being vegan (5 months now!). I'm starting to run out of all of my staple make up products that I've been repurchasing for years, and now I'm going to ensure they're cruelty free and vegan.

Would love it if you could recommend your holy grail make up products! Foundations, blushers, bronzers, mascaras... literally anything
I'm not a big makeup person, but e.l.f and Milk are both vegan and cruelty-free and are pretty favorite brands.
I think women are most beautiful without makeup. I don’t like how society has put so much pressure on women to enhance or modify their appearance.
That’s just me though. You don’t need makeup, in my opinion.
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I don't know much but I can recommend few
  • Naveen
  • Plaine Products
  • Terra & co.
  • Winter Organic
  • Oh Tiff
  • Addresschic
I love makeup as well and am relatively new to the vegan lifestyle as well. I still use some of my old makeup until it runs out but my favorite vegan drugstore makeup brand is NYX. The quality of their products never disappoint me. I have heard that Jordana and Milani are also great brands, but I have not tried enough of their products to determine if they are awesome or not. If you like high-end makeup, my favorite brands are Kat Von D and Anastasia Beverly Hills :)
I really enjoy organic/natural/cruelty-free (obviously) cosmetics. e.g. Virginic (night face serum especially) So nice! So that's my skincare. But for my makeup I gravitate towards Kat von D, Anastasia Beverly Hills but also very affordable ones like elf.
I've decided to stop using the traditional maekup like mascara, eyeshadow, bronzer etc I though it is a good idea to focus more on skincare. I was following some French and Korean traditional beauty routines which I found in a book about skincare but it just got too complicated. I switched to essential oils and the best I've found yet are from Virginic -> https://virginic.com/collections/essential-oils
Sorry to not be able to help with HG products but I'm struggling with this too.

I use Urban Decay eye liners, their lip liners look great too but too expensive to get too many UD products. I really want to try Kat Von D but haven't yet. Cheaper companies are B. (Superdrug own brand), Barry M and GOSH (some items). Superdrug have a filter for vegan GOSH products.

It's so easy to list companies though but when you have staple cosmetics it's so hard to replace them that it's almost pointless to list companies, you still have to do hours of research into suitable replacements. The hardest product to replace for me will probably be Maybelline lipsticks.