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Nick Dare

Jan 22, 2018
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Just wanted to share this family friendly video on 10 reason to become vegan.

Usually all the videos on this topic have a darker vibe around them, and I completely understand why, there are a lot of terrible things happening and that needs to be addressed. But it shouldn't only be that.

There are benefits to becoming vegan and more positively charged material need to be shared.

Here's a quick and fun animation video on some of the reasons to become vegan, that is especially great for the kids.

Enjoy :)

Frankly, I don't think this video would change anyone's mind. It's too fast (it doesn't give the viewer any time to think) and too quantitative. There is research that shows, I think, that when most people are given numbers, they can't make sense of it. They can't make the connection in their minds between numbers and actual, individual animals being tortured and killed. This is why a lot of news stories these days start with an anecdote about a specific individual or case.

I agree that positivity is good, but when you leave out the horrific footage altogether, you make it really easy for people to ignore that they are supporting horrific animal abuse with their hard-earned money. In my case, it was watching Vegucated that made me go vegan. That film is very positive overall, but it contains three minutes of factory-farm footage. I had to close my eyes during that footage, which made me realize that I would be a horrible hypocrite if I continued to support something I couldn't bear to watch on the screen. This is why I always tell non-vegans that they should feel free to close their eyes during the difficult-to-watch parts of vegan videos.
I'm sorry for being so negative in my previous post. This is a very good video. But please look into the research that says that people can't connect with numbers. I don't remember where I read about this, but I think it might have been in a review of "Change of Heart" by Nick Cooney, which I haven't yet had a chance to read. I come from a scientific background and appreciate numbers, but when most people hear something like "ten billion animals a year" or "two million animals an hour", they can't picture what that means. For example, when most people hear that the top 25 hedge fund managers made $11 billion in 2017, they respond by saying they don't believe in pay caps and are not jealous of rich people. But when you point out that this means $211,538 an hour (assuming a 40-hour work week and no vacations), they have a hard time arguing that a hedge fund manager should make in one hour what a doctor would be lucky to make in one year, or a school teacher in two years.

Here is a video I came across today, which has a good blend of positivity and factory-farm footage:
Here is another video, this time by Melanie Joy, who has spent decades studying the psychology of meat-eating (she's the one who coined the term "carnism"). Note that it, too, has two minutes of factory-farm footage (which I always fast-forward through -- Melanie Joy says in one of her talks that once you've gone vegan, you don't have to watch this stuff, and that in fact you shouldn't watch it because it will traumatize you unnecessarily).
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I liked the first video and may use it one day although I do think there were too many numbers at the start. That stuff about how many animals per day and what about per hour and per second is a bit overdone.

They also failed to disclose that some of their numbers are very rough estimates. Here I'm thinking about the environment section.

I am also skeptical of the connection between beauty and veganism.

The rest of the video was good, I agree with it.
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I am also skeptical of the connection between beauty and veganism.

I also disagreed with that part. The problem is that young women may see that and be tempted to go vegan for a few days, and then get discouraged when they don't see any results. The effects of veganism on one's appearance take decades to become clear. I'm often amazed at how young the doctors on YouTube who promote veganism look. Of course, they've been vegan most of their lives.
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