Choosing a hair straightener


Jun 5, 2018
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  1. Vegetarian
Hi everyone! Does anybody know what hair straightener is better for naturally wavy hair? I'm looking for a tool which gonna do as little harm as possible to my locks. I do not dye my hair and trying not to us chemical care products. But now I have to straighten it to act a role in my mate's movie. Would be grateful for your advice!
Sorry to hear that! If I had such hair as you I'd never use heat to manage my locks. Maybe you should think about hair relaxer or some other care products for straightening? However, Monica wrote in this post about methods of straightening natural hair without heat or with it. Some appropriate straighteners are described there. Hope it will come in handy for you.
I believe that hair straighteners t contain chemicals and are not always safe to use.

Perhaps wearing a wig would be a better idea, as it's just for a short length of time.