$20 Billion Company Goes Meat-Free To Reduce Its Carbon Footprint

Jinendra Singh

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May 22, 2018
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Co-working giant WeWork decides to go vegetarian, which means the company will no longer be paying a dime for other than vegetarian meals whether at company events or for its employees (including client meetings or travel). In an email sent to its 6000 employees, the company announced that it will no longer offer meat at any of its events nor will it reimburse its employees any food bills against meat on-the-job. This policy will also apply to its self-serve food and drink kiosk system installed at some of its 400 co-working buildings. The decision of going vegetarian is in an effort by the company to lower its carbon footprint.

In the message, its co-founder Miguel McKelvey explained, “New research indicates that avoiding meat is one of the biggest things an individual can do to reduce their personal environmental impact, even more than switching to a hybrid car,” he wrote. Through this move, the company estimates that by 2023 it will save 445.1m pounds of CO2emissions and 15,507,103 animals.

While many companies are adopting sustainable practices, like Starbucks ditching plastic straws or Selfridges banning single-use plastic bottles, WeWork is one of the first large companies to take such a huge step of forgoing meat – showing their deep commitment towards sustainability. Unfortunately, fish is still on the table.

Founded in 2010, WeWork, which is valued at $20 billion, has co-working offices in over 20 countries. As a company, WeWork has always been progressive, and being planet-friendly has always been part of its ethos. According to their website, the company is also committed to going plastic-free, which includes initiatives like no plastic cups for water in their offices (instead they provide reusable water bottles to all its members), separate bins for recyclable waste and general waste, and use of compostable cups for coffee, among others. The company also tackles food waste by redistributing excess food from its events to good causes.

WeWork has set a great example by making this bold move, which has received some criticism. However, this move will not only reduce their carbon footprint but will also help its employees eat healthier and stay fit. We hope to see more vegan food options in their food kiosks and wish the employees will appreciate and welcome this policy!

Kudos to WeWork team and we hope they will make progress and will not be let down by the challenges this move will bring their way.

We can’t wait to see other billion-dollar behemoths following the suit and, in fact, taking a step further and announcing going vegan. Waiting for that day soon.