carbon footprint

  1. D

    Veganism and Carbon Footprint Questionnaire

    Hey vegan friends! I am in the final year of my degree studying BSc Animal Conservation and Biodiversity. For my honours project I am doing a questionnaire about veganism and carbon footprints. If you would like to take part I would greatly appreciate it! Should take 5 mins, thank you :) Here is...
  2. Emma JC

    2 interesting news items today

    It is interesting to see how the mainstream news has more and more references to veganism or plant based eating. The first article is mostly about the environment and I found the information, at the end, regarding lettuce to be relevant for me...
  3. Jinendra Singh

    $20 Billion Company Goes Meat-Free To Reduce Its Carbon Footprint

    Co-working giant WeWork decides to go vegetarian, which means the company will no longer be paying a dime for other than vegetarian meals whether at company events or for its employees (including client meetings or travel). In an email sent to its 6000 employees, the company announced that it...