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  1. Jinendra Singh

    $20 Billion Company Goes Meat-Free To Reduce Its Carbon Footprint

    Co-working giant WeWork decides to go vegetarian, which means the company will no longer be paying a dime for other than vegetarian meals whether at company events or for its employees (including client meetings or travel). In an email sent to its 6000 employees, the company announced that it...
  2. TheTeenyTurnip

    Product Theteenyturnip t-shirts

    Hello everyone, I have just started a shop selling hand-designed vegan t-shirts. I am vegan myself and wish to promote the vegan lifestyle. I currently have two designs, however there are lots more to come. If you are interested please check out my shop and like my facebook page for updates...
  3. Elizabeth Lucile

    I'm Elizabeth! I'm a vegan youtuber and I love spreading the message!

    Hey all! I am so happy I found this forum. I love nothing more than spreading the vegan message and helping others to go vegan! I found that the easiest way to reach a lot of people is through YouTube, so I've started a vegan YouTube channel where I upload every week day! I also talk about...