Why is going green the new going broke?


Aug 5, 2015
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Why is a pound of cow much cheaper than a pound of cabbage? Why is it that a bag of french fries will only tug at your pocket while a green leafy salad will rip it open and leave it broke?

It is beyond me as to why the healthier alternatives are so costly, how do you keep up?
I do find it can be expensive to be green and healthy as the food is not mass produced. That is one consequence where the cost of food is lower and affordable. I fear that there will be a rich and poor divide over the quality of food and it shouldn't be like that.
Maybe it's just where I am, but eating a plant based, whole foods diet is by far cheaper than when I was eating processed foods. Especially meat, it was more expensive than anything on our grocery list. All the processing is done in my kitchen, I don't buy packaged foods or foods the grocery store throws together for you etc. Just whole foods.. the majority of it anyway. I can't think of anything off the top of my head that isn't, but I'm sure you'd find something somewhere in there lol. But if I buy processed, it's very lightly processed with very few ingredients. I find the way we eat to be quite the relief on our wallets actually.
I too think it can be a matter of where you shop. I feel like the trends towards veganism, whole foods and healthy eating can mean that places put a premium on certain foods (I'm looking at you, kale and quinoa!) because they're seen as "cool" now.

I find if you're sensible about where you shop and don't give in to shopping at the trendiest places you can still eat green for a good price!
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In my region in Asia vegetables are actually cheaper than meat. You just need to get away from those 'hyped up' vegetables like kale or heirloom greens because they're made by private companies that might taste good but cost a lot to make. Go to your local farmer's market and be sensible about the foods you buy. Vegetables and fruits in the grocer's are really costly so go to the source directly.
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I find being vegan massively cheaper than eating meat and dairy. I buy a lot more vegetables and make meals from scratch. You can put tins in the cupboard and always throw something together. When I shop for my meat eating husband and cat, that is when I have a big bill at the checkout. Eating fruit and vegetables that are in season is much cheaper than choosing imported out of season produce.