Weird food

Jenny Humphry

Dec 23, 2017
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  1. Vegan
My brother always makes fun of my vegan lifestyle, telling me that Vegan food is weird, but Non-vegans eat weird stuff check this list . I sent it to him and the only thing he said was I want to try that snake in a can -_-.
I hate it when people say vegans eat weird food. Literally, everything vegans eat, so can meat-eaters. I hear you there!

Has your brother even tried food you make? Maybe that would help him know that it's NOT weird food. My other thought is that maybe he's teasing you as a sort-of way to connect with you? Or is it more mean, rather than a little joking? If it is meanly intended, I hope he will stop ASAP. If it's more well-intentioned, but it hurts your feelings, maybe you could still tell him?