1. J

    Weird food

    My brother always makes fun of my vegan lifestyle, telling me that Vegan food is weird, but Non-vegans eat weird stuff check this list . I sent it to him and the only thing he said was I want to try that snake in a can -_-.
  2. Grit Bakery

    Product New game-changing plant-based bakery

    GRIT BAKERY Instagram: @gritbakery Redefining Desserts. Non-processed, 100% organic ingredients, low impact, high return. Striving to operate in the most ethical and sustainable way. Always putting people before profit and thinking of 'sustainability' as dealing with likeminded growers...
  3. L

    Product My fellow foodie, i have good news

    The First Version of Undercooked is here! First I want to thank you for trying out the product in advance. This is not a finished product and I will be working to improve it, but I need your help...