Wanting to become vegan (nz)


Apr 30, 2018
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Hello everyone

I’m considering becoming a vegan for a while and am wondering how I can make it “work” on a budget and with limited cooking tools. I can’t cook apart from toast!

I don’t want to eat red meat anymore and haven’t for a while. Probably two weeks. I dislike eggs but find they do add it to bread...I had egg I think last February (in some dumplings) but likely had it in bread or other ways.. I’m trying to avoid egg bread but the bread becomes so dry! I go for the gluten free breads but I’m unsure if any others ar egg or dairy free. I do like coconut yoghurt but am worried about the lack of calcium in it and if I’m getting enough. I also like soy yoghurt but I find it terribly tangy and kinda gross. The blueberry king land brand is the most tolerable (only one brand around)
I do drink almond milk and love that and soy as well. Always sugar free. I can’t stand rice milk..but can drink it. I don’t really like oat milk. They don’t sell hemp milk in NZ. I have tried macadamia milk but it is expensive and tastes to me nothing different than almond milk. Coconut milk is ok but a little too thick for my liking. I have tried vegan cheese by zenzo. Didn’t like it very much it was very watery.

For breakfast: I usually eat bran, porridge, banana, blueberries, green tea, toast (unsure on all ingredients), spreads (marmite, peanut butter..unsure if all vegan).

lunch: have canned chicken or tuna, tuna and beans by John west, crackers, fruit, cheese, a dairy yoghurt..I used to have nuts but they aren’t agreeing with me right now, rice or quinoa cakes, sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, sushi (tuna or vegan). Hummus sometimes..I hate tsaziki.,it makes me feel sick. I hate tomato. I have tried celery but dislike it. Plan to try again with hummus.

For dinner (mum cooks) it can be salad, fish, mushrooms (fave!), veggies (rarely unless it’s raw), chicken or bought veggie soup (the shop ones are full of sodium..it is insane) but they have added sugars and ingredients I dislike. I have tried several veggie burger and vegan sausages.. but unsure if they agree with my stomach and dislike the added stuff to them..I’m not liking that. I did try tofu but dislike it unless it is covered with sauces..I dislike the added sugars and honey. I have tried a vegan pak m save pastry recently and their deli potato salad (not likely vegan due to mayo I guess). I also have tried a falafel wrap (vegan I think) from new world and it made me feel very sick afterwards,

I take iron supplements with added 50mg b12. Not sure if that is enough.
I have low blood pressure, anxiety, depression and on antidepressants, stomach issues (very badly), a hiatus hernia, and a rapid heart rate. (Just so people know my medical things that may be a problem). I have been anemic slightly in the past. I take regular natural blood thinners (not currently but about to get them back again).

I’m worried if I’m lacking vitamins. I find a lot of supplements give me stomach aches..especially potassium. The iron I take is ok.

I am in New Zealand.

Edit: oops posted to wrong area..was meant to go in “transitioning”


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May 30, 2018
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Birmingham, England
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Hello and Welcome! I was born in Newzealand

I also take medicine. If you need to take medicine I don't think anyone will blame you at all.

How is your transaction period going. This period is the toughest part of becoming vegan.