Vegetables steamed right


Apr 23, 2015
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I have to literally set the timer when steaming vegetables; especially the greens because I want them to maintain the color so I do not cover, I just turn it a few times during the seven minutes they are on fire then put them in ice-cols water to stop the cooking process. It still does not come out right. What is your steaming style? What additives can you put in and at what stage?
The main way that I keep my veg from going soggy when steaming is by putting the denser veg at the bottom, like sweet potatoes, cauliflower, and then the other veg on top of that. Usually I'm steaming quite a lot of greens at one time.
The steamer I use is quite simple, in fact I think I have two, one that folds out in the pan and you put a bit of water in the bottom, and another witch has a separate compartment that you put on top of a normal pot with some water in. You could try putting some salt in the water as this raises the boiling temperature?