Veganism is taking over my life


Mar 8, 2019
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Vegan newbie
I have become a vegan recently (4.5 months ago) and now it is taking over my life.I am spending every single waking hour of my life researching veganism ethics, vegan you tubers, look at recipes etc.I am not doing my school work.I am not finding my school work very interesting however I need to pass the exams.What can I do?


Mar 24, 2019
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Hello there - well , l think it is obvious , isn't it ? If you want to pass your school exams and graduate , you will have to do your schoolwork .. I think it is excessive to spend " every single waking hour" researching veganism , etc., and what , may l ask you , is the hurry ? If you are already living as a vegan , eating lots of vegetables , fruit , whole grains , nuts and seeds , etc ., then you can slow down your research and just focus on passing your exams .. Just make sure you are eating a wide variety of nutritious foods , include a B12 supplement , and when your exams are over , then you can do more research if you feel like it ..

Try not to be obsessive about anything , including veganism .. Do you have that tendency , l wonder ? You are obviously young - there's plenty of time to educate yourself on your lifestyle choices . You don't have to be perfect - just do your best ..
If our intentions are good and we know our own heart and inner Truth , and do not cause deliberate harm to any being , then we are being the most peaceful and loving human we can be ..

Be loving and kind to yourself , as well . Give yourself the time and space to pass those exams , and then you can move on .. After that , perhaps you can also focus on things that you are interested in ?

Wishing you joy and love and peace , from Blissful xo


Apr 18, 2019
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This is pretty normal especially for a new vegan. Personally, I don't think it's overall a bad thing. Being very passionate about something leads to independence and character. However, if it's become a really big problem for you then I would just recommend distracting yourself. Listen to your favorite music, do sports, go out to the movies, etc. If you busy yourself with more typical everyday things then your mind with put veganism on the back burner and you'll be able to focus more on other subjects. Really all it is, is getting yourself out of the political vegan head space that you're currently stuck in.

Three Chickpeas

Jan 26, 2019
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Sounds like you may have found a passion. That's a great thing! You have to take of your current priorities in life first, but never let that passion die. If anything, channel it and you may find you can make a career of it (somehow). The word and industry is spreading, learn as much as you can and channel it to support your life. Again, make sure you take care of the everyday things first.
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Jan 3, 2016
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Good job for going vegan at such a young age. I wish I had been smart enough to do so.

It sounds like you are spending too much time on your computer and/or phone or whatever device. While the evidence that this is directly bad for you is not that strong, it does mean you spend less time doing other productive activities like doing exercise, being out of doors, being with friends. That is really the issue.

There are a lot of ethical issues to consider in our lifestyle including climate change. Don't get focused on one and forget the others.

I recommend that you massively reduce the amount of time you are spending on vegan stuff online until the exams are completed and then after that go back to it but not too obsessively.

Try making a rule of no computer/phone after/before a certain time of day, or no looking at internet until all assignments completed, or no computer/phone time on certain days. Whatever works for you.

If you agree with the idea but think you might lack the will power ask your parents or whoever you live with to help with policing it. E.g. tell them that you want to commit to not using your phone on Wednesday evenings and Saturday and to tell you off and stop you if they see you doing it.

Good luck.

Forest Nymph

Nov 18, 2017
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Northern California
I think this is pretty normal. I was like that for at least the first six months that I was vegan. In fact, I would rather be around a vegan like you later on, who went through this phase, than be around someone who has been vegan for five years but can't hold an argument FOR veganism to save their lives, because their lack of intellectual curiosity led them down some bizarre path where they believe raw is next to godliness, or they don't take B12, or they compromise with meat eaters because they have no idea what to say in response except "but for the animals." I mean good for them for being vegan at all, but we need people who have actually studied and researched veganism to speak for us and for the animals.

On the other hand, you DO need to pass your exams. I had a bad case of seasonal depression and Senior-itis (I'm graduating in three weeks) for about a month of this semester and I relate. I lost interest and motivation in my classes because I was like what's the point and this isn't related to what I care about out. YOU HAVE TO SNAP OUT OF THIS.

It's important to do well on your exams just so you can get your diploma or degree so people will take you seriously in the future, or you can make money to support yourself while you do vegan activism, or so you can go on and study something that you do actually care about.
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