Oct 20, 2018
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I'm looking for an organic vegan protein powder sweetened with either monk fruit or coconut sugar. I am allergic to stevia, which is used in most protein powder. And I have a sweet tooth so I need my smoothies to be somewhat sweet without including a lot fruit/carbs. Any suggestions?
You might want to check the ingredients, but I just looked online and didn't see stevia. Bob's Red Mill has vanilla and chocolate vegan protein powders (not the kind with whey, which isn't vegan). It is sweetened with monk fruit. I have tried the chocolate and found it to be pretty good.
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Thanks, hopeful. I saw Bob's Red Mill listed in an online article but was dismayed to find out it was not organic. I think I may just buy some organic pea protein powder and organic monk fruit and see if I can mix up something myself.
it say look at vivo i use them vegan physique also uses them / endorsed research before buying though