protein powder

  1. M

    What to eat/drink BEFORE breakfast?

    With my schedule, I get up 60-90 minutes before having breakfast. So I decided that is when I take a number of my food-based supplements to get a good start on the day. In the past I took them with a protein shake. That is because I read in numerous fitness/exercise magazines & websites that...
  2. P

    Vegan protein powder

    I'm looking for an organic vegan protein powder sweetened with either monk fruit or coconut sugar. I am allergic to stevia, which is used in most protein powder. And I have a sweet tooth so I need my smoothies to be somewhat sweet without including a lot fruit/carbs. Any suggestions?
  3. Catman

    Misc 3+ months of trying and testing vegan protein powders

    I think this is the right section for a post like this. Wanted to share a project I've been working on since shortly after becoming vegan: One of my biggest concerns when I went vegan was getting enough protein as an athlete. It was the main...