Vegan grocery haul!

Forest Nymph

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Nov 18, 2017
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Northern California
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Flour tortillas
Real Mexican corn chips
Chipotle salsa
1 lb dry pintos
1 lb dry lentils
Taco seasoning
Diced green chiles
Canned sliced mushrooms
Artichoke and mushroom marinara
Large macaroni, dry
Small macaroni
5 lb. Bag potatoes
Canola oil
Large yellow onion
Green pepper
Fresh tomato
Natural pistachios
Raw almonds
2 apples
2 limes
Jar of capers
Creamy peanut butter
5 chocolate hazelnut Luna bars
Wildlicious Wildberry Poptarts (the only pop tart frosted that is vegan).
Lime-aid (1 drink)
Ground coffee (10 oz)
Sierra Nevada Sidecar six pack (all vegan, all sustainable)
Alpen Cellars Merlot (local)

Vegan Essentials:
(BC living on camp middle of nowhere)

Loma Linda Chorizo
Loma Linda Lil Links
2 boxes Daiya cheddar style Mac
4 Primal vegan jerky
5 Betty Lou's Nuts About Energy Balls (Pecan Cashew)
Obligate Carnivore book
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I was super excited to hear about those pop tarts. I went to buy some today but the ingredients has gelatin :(
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I was super excited to hear about those pop tarts. I went to buy some today but the ingredients has gelatin :(

Oh no!!! My bad. That really sucks. I got all excited because most pop tarts have milk in the frosting and I saw that there was no milk and I was all like yay....I didn't even notice the gelatin. :(

Thank you for telling me. So much for that. I'm sorry!! I guess only unfrosted pop tarts for vegans...
Rather than a "haul" this is actually my list for tomorrow, because I need to make one. Actually it's probably a list for the whole month, not just tomorrow.

Peanut butter
7 grain dry pancake mix
Soy milk
Pumpkin pie spices
Canned pumpkin
Bag 'o potatoes
Bunch 'o carrots
Fresh cranberries
Canned coconut milk (for curry)
Frozen peas (for curry)
Dark rye bread
Vegan Top Ramen (blue packet)
Earth Balance
Whole grain pasta*
Tomato sauce*
Nutritional yeast
Veggie soups*
Tofurky roast (for Thanksgiving)
Garlic powder
Agave and/or maple syrup
Green beans*
Autumn veg (squash, turnips, yams)

I'm definitely not getting all of this tomorrow. Lucky to have lots of beans and spices already in the cabinet and * means it's available at the student food pantry where we are allowed to "shop" once a week, and I usually go a couple times a month.
Welp, my campus is preparing for a possible distance-learning situation where we turn in everything on line and attend classes through videos, pod casts, readings then discuss it via message boards. Internet learning is sophisticated enough now that it really can facilitate everything but hands on learning. So I went shopping. To add to cans and bags of various beans, my bags of rice, spices and oil (and whatever else is left in the fridge):

Peanut butter
Cashew milk (on sale!)
Frozen spinach
Bell pepper
Kalamata olives
Frank's Red Hot Buffalo Sauce
Amy's Sweet n Spicy BBQ sauce
Canned tomato sauce
Iodized salt
Black tea

I also got some yerba mate and kombucha to drink, but the bulk of the list hopefully will make basic ingredients like beans, rice, ramen, potato flakes, or oatmeal more delicious. My thoughts were totally focused on dressing up basics.

I may grab a few more things in the next day or two if I realize it would help. Yes, I already have coffee and multivitamins. I have half a bottle of ibuprofen but perhaps I should stock up just in case. My paper towels and spray cleaner are at the ready.

Maybe my roommates won't come back after spring break until the coast is clear. Well the two who don't live here permenantly. One grew up here, he's super clean, responsible and vegan so I don't mind having him around during a pandemic. He knows what's up.
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There is now a vegan fast food place in my freezer!
Giant Eagle is my least favorite place to shop because they always have junky stuff on sale-and I buy it. This week was frozen food and you had to buy 10 to get the good deal. So I bought Gardiens, Bocas, & Morningstar for $2.99. If only I had coupons!
Gardein: porkless bites, fishless fillets, burgers
Boca: spicy chik patties, nuggets
Morningstar: some non vegan sausage links, and their original burgers for my son. Buffalo nuggets