Vegan Coffee Machine?


Mar 3, 2016
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Hello there, sorry for the first post already as a request, I lurk a lot around here but I'm not the most talkative person online lol I'm about to purchase a espresso machine to start brewing my own coffee with coffee beans I know are vegan, but I wonder if there is such thing as a 'non-vegan' machine? I've been interested on espresso machines like a Jura Impressa, but is not a cheap purchase and I'm afraid if there is something vegan I have to consider about this kind of equipment. Thank you for reading!


Jan 25, 2016
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Apart from the frothing tests with milk, I believe they get a green sign. You could get some Keurig alike that works with pods and do not have froth wand - so no testing with milk - but many pods have milk - not all them.


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Mar 11, 2015
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I'm sure most machines are, the only machines I can think of that are not are the ones that use milk obviously. :p


Apr 19, 2016
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Apart from the frothing tests with milk, I believe they get a green sign. You could get some Keurig alike that works with pods and do not have froth wand - so no testing with milk - but many pods have milk - not all them.
Do you know where to get vegan milk pods?!
I have been on the hunt for these lol
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