UK Petition to put slaughtered animals on animal food products sold for AR human health and environmental changes needed help

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Mar 1, 2016
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ANIMAL LOVERS & CLIMATE CONSCIOUS PEOPLE; please read, sign and share. I'd appreciate your time and attention.
Most of us our completely health conscious and becoming increasingly aware of the #climatecrisis. Even if you are a meat-eater, that does not mean to say you do not care for the environment, or the impact we have on consuming animals / animal related products.

If you are a veggie or vegan, you may also be aware that people who do love animals, often say they do not like to consider where they come from.

My idea for this petition stemmed from the dissociation people have when consuming meat, and the amount that they buy, because they do not want to think about where it comes from and how much pollution it creates to sustain the farming and slaughter.

Additionally, consuming a lot of meat is actually very unhealthy for our bodies, if not controlled in the right way.

Statistics show that since the smoking ban was introduced in the UK in 2007 the amount of smokers started to drop slightly. However, the combination of pictorial health warnings on tobacco packaging in 2008, the amount of smokers has decreased in all ages and decreased by half in 10 years.

If we only have 10 years left of ice and protected sun exposure, and our aim is to have NET ZERO greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, we need to think about all actions that we can take to help achieve this goal. For ourselves and future generations.

The thinking behind this idea is that in order for everyone to think twice about where their meat comes from, or for those that have the desire to consume but refuse to think about the baby lamb, or the battery chicken, or over-braised cow, they may think twice if they have to pick up the packet and see an image that is either truthfully damaging, or even one that depicts the 'cute' images they seem to respond to.

To me if this petition can be shared on all channels and actually achieve a government response we could tackle three issues the meat industry contributes to.

I don't believe we can stand by and hope our government commits to net zero by stopping monetary industrial meat production that would be the way to decreasing a lot of our harmful gasses. So if we can take action into our own hands, we can at least try to make a difference.

Thank you for your time if you have taken it, and please, sign and share as much as possible!
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