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Nov 17, 2015
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Hey, veganism is something I've been researching (started out just curiosity) but now I want to be a vegan, however I don't think my reasons are the same as most. My reasoning is actually balance...not sure if I should go off topic to explain that one. But I was basically looking for a place to where I can get some support (even though its online but it still helps) and some tips.

I should mention, this was something I've been wanting to do for awhile, however my introduction to veganism was through the youtubber Onison, and I kind of felt he was too harsh on his views, so that kept me away for some time. I just know I do not want to feel like I have to press my beliefs on someone else, as I have my own views and will take everything I read with a grain of salt- mostly because most scientists or researchers are paid by a specific company to manipulate facts to say a certain thing.
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There is a vegan 'activist' for every sort. On the loud end of the spectrum, you have the likes of Freelea and Gary Yourofsky - but then there are plenty of quieter sorts. Truth is, some people are so deaf to the message that such strong views are necessary to cut through the fog of static noise that surrounds their conditioned perception. It is also helpful to vegetarians who are part of the way and require that kind of discipline to make the next step. I was once one such.

Either way I am glad you still came to veganism. :)