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Jun 8, 2018
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My own personal feeling is that I don' t like it when posts get a little bit old and then get ignored.
I also don't like creating a new thread for every post.
So I have followed the trend of creating threads that are like a tent that many posts can live under. For example there is the Everything Non-Dairy Thread and The Dairy Thread.
Sort of like the bouncing beach ball that never touches the ground.

So this thread is dedicated to Good New for Animals.
We do have threads for when a dairy shuts down or when a new law is proposed. but sometimes a good thing happens and I'm not sure where to put it. So I've created a little space for it.

For instance....
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Mod Post

There is an Everything Animal Thread where you can post any 'good news'. In the past we have already declined a suggestion
for a similar related title.
We try very hard not to have too many duplicate threads which are not only difficult to monitor but also
clog up the forum.

Please feel free to post any animal related news in the above thread.:)
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