The different schools of WFPB eating for health


Jun 3, 2012
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Well, eating more vegetables, beans, fruit etc. "feels healthy" so it gives a good feeling. If it will help dying several years later is something one will never be able to prove.

In the end a diet is always a compromise. Even if there was "a best diet ever" it would be worth zilch if basically no one is able to follow it longterm. So I rather follow a diet that is manageable for me.
I feel you!
But--a wfpb diet isn't so much about adding years to your life, but improving the quality of life.
I have followed Dr Gregers plan daily dozen, with no oil sugar (I never quit salt) and I will attest to it improving my well being. I had no need of my daily asthma maintenance inhalor, had no allergy symptoms, tons of energy, stamina. I did great for maybe two months, then fell back into my far more moderate vegan diet. I think a lot had to do with not knowing how to deal with all the new feelings? I don't know.
I think it's just harder when you're not really that unhappy with your current health. I've known people with severe health problems stick to wfpb diets completely and they definitely have regained their health!


Apr 10, 2013
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People get sick less often and live longer if they eat less meat.
I thought we're talking about "vegan vs. vegan" here and not "vegan vs. meat eating".

Prove - like make into a fact? No. but
Prove like a hypothesis? A theory? of course.
A hypothesis is not "proof". That's why it's called a hypothesis.

Some people will go on all kinds of diets and exercise plans if they have heard it might add 5 years to their life. Others won't even make a small change even when they Know it will add 10 years to their life.
Yes, maybe because "being on a strict diet and exercise regime" reduces quality of life for many people. They don't like the foods they should eat, they hate exercising - and on top of this there is no guarantee that one will live to a 110 with a WFPB diet just as meat eating doesn't mean death sentence in your 50s.