The Corporate Takeover of Organic Food

Aaaah! Naked Juice owned by Pepsi! I was already avoiding them anyway because their products are imported from California (I'm in the UK), but no idea about the Pepsi connection. As well as Seeds of Change owned by M&M Mars.

This is interesting. Personally I try to stay away from large organisations. The workers' policies never seem to match up and I disagree with fat cats gleaning money from so many sources which they ultimately have nothing to do with. As well as lobbying and so many other issues. On the other hand, my parter is a pragmatist and would take a different view.
Gosh, I was so surprised. I recall many of those brands when I lived in the US and was vegetarian. I suppose if people are particularly concerned they will make the product themselves. That has to be a good thing, right? Lower carbon footprints etc.

I'm glad the McCartney family stay involved in their brand and products. I don't have too much brand loyalty apart from this, Meridian, Clearspring organics and asian supermkt labels for items I can't make myself. I suspect my story is somewhat unusual. I rely a lot on Buy Wholefoods online and Real Foods up in Edinburgh for my bulk staples.

On the whole it seems likely most vegans would have less labels in their cupboards and fridge/freezers than omnivores, don't you agree?