#RighttoRescue just passed in the city of Berkeley

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Nov 18, 2017
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I only watched a portion of it but it is great news. 😊

Yeah it's kind of long and boring, especially if you already know the outcome, but if you go up to around 34-35 minutes in, major organizers emerge from the building and around 40 minutes they say it explicitly.

They want to take it to San Francisco next and theres apparently something happening on Sunday where Sonoma county attorney general Jill Ravitch will be targeted because they want her to now drop the felony charges against certain activists who rescued animals from factory farms.

This is an important first step, a kind of presecedent which is why DXE focused on Berkeley because it seemed liberal, prosperous, educated, young and proportionately vegan enough to be an easier push. I marched with DXE in September in Berkeley for the Right to Rescue and I've met some of the defendants so it makes it extra exciting for me to see this happening.
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