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Jan 22, 2023
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Lagos, Nigeria
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Japanese culture had always fascinated me, Japan still remains my dream destination. I grew up with an obsession that one-day I would relocate to Japan.

My desire to embrace Japanese culture prompted me to start learning their language, I got to admit, it proved harder than I thought. I didn't want to relent, so I sought learning other things about the technological advanced country.

That was when I stumbled across Dokkodo; The 21 principles in the path of Aloneness, by Miyamoto Musashi. It was like I had struck gold, for it was so relatable to one who embraced a vegan/Vegetarian lifestyle.

After I stopped being religious and became more spiritual, my thinking became philosophical. I don't just accept anything without using reason to dissect it further, this approach helped me to begin to decipher the bible.

Many religions claim they know the truth, Christianity always tries to be monopolistic about it. But I have found out that in a world where the truth is subjective, one needs to seek alone.

Dokkodo contains more truth than I have been taught since I was a church goer, it opened my eyes to possibilities that we all can approach enlightenment in anyway possible, that it isn't limited to a race, geographic location nor age group.

When I get tempted sometimes to crave for animal products, I recall the second principle: 'Do not seek pleasure for its own sake', and that is all I need to come back to my right ethical senses. Or when I grumble about eating rice and beans consecutively, I recall the thirteen principle: 'Do not pursue the taste of good food', then I become grateful to even have something to eat when many others don't.

As a human, sometimes the going gets tough, and I see myself almost giving in to my impulses. But I recall the twenty first principe: 'Never stray from the way', and I remain resolute to endure to the end. The more I continue to strive, the bearable it becomes.

Dokkodo is a lifestyle that has helped me cope with solitary, defining the difference between being alone and lonely. I may be alone because I desire so, but I am never lonely. I am grateful that there's a platform for me to vent, learn and be loved for my choices.

A feeling of euphoria, all thanks to Vegan Forum and all it's wonderful members.

Peace & Love

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Thank you so much for taking the time to post this. As an elderly widow living on a small boat named “Solitude” and believing myself to be a Stoic and secular Buddhist I will definitely search out these 21 Principles.
You always welcome. I am glad you find my article enlightening. It's all about peace and love over here.

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